Our Story


Pearl Honey Spreads is the one-stop shop for  Alternatives to "sugar spreads."  

We are a woman and minority-owned business that is proudly based in Texas. Pearl Honey Spreads came into existence when my daughter Pearl was always asking for jam on her toast or pancakes. Most of the ones we picked up from the store had a lot of artificial sugars, coloring, and preservatives.

As a mom, I wasn't comfortable with these products so I started making our own Healthy + Yummy Jam, Preserves and Conserves. We tried 13 different brands of honey before choosing the Creamed Honey Brand we use currently.

We are a premium honey-based spread that offers an alternative to sugar based spreads. Our products are made with clean and transparent ingredients (just 2) i.e., raw creamed honey and organic spices. They are gluten, soy, dairy, coloring, preservative-free for both children & adults with or without a specialized diet and do not crystallize.

As you can see, we are uniquely different from current market offerings. And, many of our customers include those with specialized dietary needs. Choosy moms say that our products are the perfect topping for their little ones during meal and snack times (dips). You’ll often find us in households with a keen awareness of wellness and a desire to find healthier alternatives for their recipes, food, and enjoyment.

With love,

Founder and Co-owner 

Moji Okuyemi