​Pearl Honey Spreads is a one stop shop for collections of Healthy + Yummy spreads. 

It came into existence when my daughter PEARL was always asking for Jam on her toast or pancakes, and most of the ones we picked up from the store had a lot of sugar, coloring, preservatives etc.

As a mom, I  wasn't comfortable with it so I started making our own Healthy + Yummy Jam, Preserves and Conserves using Honey, then we took it a step further with adding coconut, pecan and different nuts to make it exciting and not just regular boring spreads.

Our spreads are made from Real Fruits, Honey, Fruit Pectin, Lemon Juice and Water. Special care and details are put into preparing our spreads, they are healthy for children as well as adults. Our spreads can be used as condiments to many varieties of food e.g. Breads, Meats, Desserts, etc.

Founder and Co-owner 

Moji Okuyemi